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who is charita?

I know what it's like to check all of the wrong boxes and to be pronounced doomed before you even get started. 


My parents were teenagers with little more than middle school educations when I came on the scene.  My family called Cabrini Green home, a low income housing project on the North Side of Chicago.  It's where we lived along with other low income families.  And it's where I was exposed to drug addictions, teenage pregnancy, domestic abuse, molestation and all of the ugliness and atrocities that comes along with generational poverty.


As a Cycle Breaker, I became a Sr. Executive in a Global Organization overseeing teams of technical experts. I am an entrepreneur CEO & Owner of dOSA Naturals and Executive Director & Founder of Looks Just Like Me.  I am also the proud mother of a Cycle Breaker who became a first generation college graduate and who is now attending Medical School.


I left my Corporate gig after 28 years to become a full time Motivational Speaker and Youth Advocate.  My mission in life is transforming the world by creating an overabundance of Cycle Breakers and proving to all of the non-believers that Your Origination Does Not Determine Your Destination.

Charita Lucas, Professional Speaker & Cycle Breaker

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