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Advisors and Advocators: The Critical Role of Mentors & Sponsors in Career Navigation & Advancement

The research shows the vast majority of African-American and Multicultural students need navigational support to advance in their careers but receive it less than their Caucasian counterparts.

The aim of the Advisors and Advocators: The Critical Role of Mentors & Sponsorship in Career Navigation and Advancement workshop is to provide a unique interactive educational platform for African-American college students.

This workshop will highlight the critical differences between Mentors and Sponsors and will educate youth on the importance of both as a strategy for providing navigational support and elevation of their careers.

See Me. Be Me. The theme of the workshop will be brought to life through a live panel discussion featuring African American college graduates (both male and female) who will draw from their own personal experience the power behind successfully enacting this strategy to navigate and elevate their careers in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy and Computer Science.

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